October1 , 2022

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    It is said that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. We could debate the accuracy of this saying for years, but truthfully, some people are just beautiful. In this case, people of this particular profession are expected to seem scary.

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    Police officers or law enforcement officials, in general, are not known for being attractive. There however are exceptions, and this is our favorite so far.

    Lydia Mwangi has very quickly become an internet sensation for her beauty. This babe is sexy! and lucky for us, she isn’t shy about it. She posts TikTok dances and we are here for it!!!

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    However, the relationship between the police and the internet has been quite complicated. Last year, a law was passed that the Kenya police shouldn’t use social media to air their issues with the force.

    This year, they were banned from making videos and uploading them on social media while on duty or in uniform. The police aren’t the best-treated occupation in this country and some of these laws are debatable.

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    We however love to see Lydia and her counterparts make us smile despite the struggles they go through on a daily.

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