January24 , 2023

    Why Edwin Chiloba hid the fact he was gay from his family


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    The late Edwin Chiloba; LGBTQ activist, model and fashion designer was not deleted for being a homosexual man but rather for being an unfaithful man to his partner Jackton Odhiambo which flew in the face of what every homosexual in Kenya had assumed.

    It’s a rather unfortunate way to go but domestic violence is a lot more common than we’d like to admit. That said and done, I’d like to draw attention to something that was rather peculiar in the sense that his own family has come out to deny allegations that he was a gay man.

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    They have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the very obvious signs Edwin Chiloba gave of being of a different sexual orientation, as well as his own admission to the effect that he was a homosexual.

    It would be comical if it weren’t so sad. Because it is clear that while he lived his truth publicly he was still in the closet as far as his family was concerned. And this is something that is rather saddening because it shows us that a lot of us (adults) choose to continue hiding from our families rather than confronting the bull by the horns and letting the chips lie where they may.

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    Maybe it’s due to the fact that he knew his family would not only reject and ostracizing but completely disown him. Due to the fact he believed they might even have harmed him. But whatever the case is, Edwin Chiloba is no longer here to explain it and all we can do is assume.

    Can you imagine how lonely it must have been for him to have to continuously hide the fact that he was of a different sexual orientation every time he’d interact with his family?

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    The fact that he couldn’t trust his father, mother& siblings with this information must have been a heavy burden for him to bear. Edwin Chiloba has left them in quite the peculiar conundrum as they are confronted with the fact that the sun they knew is very different from the Sun they are tasked with worrying.

    Edwin Chiloba’s family knew him to be active in the church, and deeply religious. So that either means he was attempting to pray away the gay or he was using religion as a beard. Whatever the case maybe it will make for a very interesting burial and a rather peculiar eulogy as it is abundantly apparent to the rest of the country that they do not know whom they will be burying.

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