January24 , 2023

    Silence is golden: How Ben Pol destroyed his reputation


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    Ben Pol has helped us all learn why it is said that Silence is Golden. Tanzanian crooner decided to open his mouth about his ex-wife Anerlisa Muigai in recent interviews he had in his home country and that has backfired spectacularly.

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    It cannot be understated just how badly things have gone for him ever since he decided to claim that he was not happy in his marriage with his ex. Her response was a master stroke; an example of how to demolish your enemy and leave them no room to escape to.


    After his rather scathing interview, Anerlisa decided she was done with keeping quiet and so she put Ben Pol on blast by linking all of his simp messages to her. What we saw from the messages is a man who has refused to let go of his ex-wife still pining for her and begging her to return constantly trying emotional blackmail by telling her about his mother’s emotions towards her.

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    The messages were so difficult to behold because in those messages we saw a man who is truly weak, we saw a man who is completely defeated despite the public persona he pretends to uphold.

    Ben Pol lost his wife and he doesn’t know how to move on with his life. And the funny thing is he has brought all this shame all of this humiliation upon his own head. All he needed to do was to remain silent. After all Anerlisa had stopped talking about their divorce and their marriage. Hell, she’s ever engaged.

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    Had he remained silent she wouldn’t have had to put him on blast in so dramatic a fashion. Had he learned to shut his mouth, we wouldn’t have known how spineless he is. He would have continued to be the victim in all this. Would have continued to look like the blameless, spotless one.


    This is what happens when the captain of the ship can’t shut up. Ben Pol truly is a lesson on why it said loose lips sink ships.

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