January28 , 2023

    Dzaddy Amore and his “bestie”… *Wink Wink*


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    Dzaddy Amore and his bae have given us an update to the age-old Nairobi saying warning us that besties have over the years been the main source of character development. If by any chance you don’t know what the term ‘bestie’ is, it’s a best friend of the other or same gender. The definition should end there, right? I think so too. it doesn’t though. Besties also chew each other -if you know what I mean.

    Don’t we all miss the days when dating was simple and straightforward? Now, nothing is certain. Bestie gets close to you, develops a friendship with you, and gives you enough to trust him/her.

    The whole time, he and your partner are seeing each other in the nude. Top-tier manipulation, I agree.

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    Today, they could be of the same gender… that boys’/girls’ night out isn’t so innocent anymore. in whose hands are we safe???

    A particular Instagram couple has been caught in the mix as well. Dzaddy Amore and his girlfriend Foa Shishi have sparked breakup rumours. This was after his ‘bestie’ threw him a birthday party and didn’t invite his woman. The audacity!


    This particular couple had many young people believing in love again… even on some ‘God when?’ type of vibe, making older people feel frustrated, and on the flip side making others green with envy.

    Maybe we all need to pause before typing ‘couple goals’ in the comment section of popular couples. And pause even longer before trusting your partner’s friends. This leads me to a question; Can people of opposite sexes be just friends?

    After my few decades on this planet, I believe it’s safe to say that women can genuinely just want friendship from a man. Men [let’s face it, simps], on the other hand, see friendship, or rather, the friendzone as a pit stop as they head to bone town.

    This strategy works for a few, but the friendzone is basically a prison you don’t get out of. Men that are clear on their agenda from the get-go tend to command more respect and more often than not will actually hit.

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    Being the female and finding out that your ‘friend’ has actually only been pretending to care about you, the whole time just trying to bone is so frustrating. This is where you’ll hear the ‘I thought you were different’ line.

    With pride month also being upon us, it is important that I acknowledge that even friendships of the same gender seem to also go from black and white to really grey. Mostly with younger women in their exploration stage.

    Before you take this as a trigger, let us acknowledge that thanks to porn and modern kinks, younger women have found it easy to explore their sexuality as compared to young men.

    Modern-day dating is hectic! I guess we are just left to try and hope.

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