March29 , 2023

    Odd Jobs That Actually Pay Very Well In Nairobi


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    Times are tough and finding a stable job in these conditions is kinda difficult. Also, living off just one job may not be enough as everything costs way more than they used to. And so, we might find ourselves looking for other opportunities to survive on.

    That is where odd jobs come in. And for those in between jobs at the moment, this might just be the best option they may have. So here are some of the odd jobs that pay well, if well managed.

    Smokies Seller

    This right here may just be the simplest of them all. One packet of smokies costs approximately Ksh. 350 and contains 22 pieces. Now, when selling the made smokies, the vendors sell each at Ksh. 35. That means by the end of the day, they will have made Ksh. 770 per packet. Now you can imagine how much you could make a day if you sold more than five packets.


    Shoe seller mostly get their second-hand shoes in the Gikomba market. They will get a pair for approximately 200bob and, after some small repairs, sell them at 800bob at the least. Get yourself like 20 pairs and tell me if that’s not some good business.

    Kibanda (Kibandaski)

    As long as you are clean and cook some mighty good food, the catering business can never go wrong. After asking some of the Kibanda owners that I know, I came to find out that most of them may make not less than Ksh. 5000 per day, depending on the location.


    Now if only most of these guys were wise enough not to squander their hard-earned money, they would be living a really good life. A makanga can close work at night and leave with not less than Ksh. 1500 per day, depending on how many rounds they went on that day.

    So there you have it. All you need is some capital to start you off and you’re all good to go. Don’t just sit there, do something.