March25 , 2023

    Most Dangerous Places In Nairobi City


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    If you are new to the Nairobi city streets, then you’ve already been cautioned more than once to carefully pick where you may want to explore, especially when on your own. For tourists, this is common knowledge. To always have a known veteran guiding you through these unknown streets.

    But unfortunately, it is us, Kenyans, who so often want to act like they know every inch of these dangerous streets just because they were born in the country. My friend that is how you die. These are just some of the most dangerous streets/hoods in Nairobi (at least that I personally know of).


    Situated just near Mathare town and basically at the heart of Nairobi city, Mlango Kubwa is home to some of the most known and wanted thugs in the country. More youths have been killed in this hood than any other city so far. Mlango Kubwa is known for its violence, both on visitors and residents alike. The dangerous youths in this town do not discriminate when it comes to their survival, which mostly relies on robbery WITH violence.


    Yes, it is in Nairobi. It is a small area within Mathare town, and is actually, wait for it… governed by the dread and terrible resident youths that both protect and terrorize the ‘Nigeria’ residents. Not quite sure where and why they chose to call it that, but it definitely feels like a foreign land once you step foot in their cold territory. Even the police don’t do much patrol here, and when they do, they know exactly where they are “allowed” to set foot. Something off a movie, right?


    This area resides in the biggest slum in Africa, Kibera, and just like Nigeria above, it is somewhat governed by the residents themselves. Funny thing is, if you are known, you can never be touched, for thieves are killed instantly once discovered. Yet, it is a safe haven for some of the toughest and most dangerous individuals in Kibera. Here too, the police are very cautious and rarely patrol these streets.


    Now this here is common knowledge to any Nairobi-born resident. The CBD’s entire downtown area (Kirinyaga street, River Road, etc) is one that requires extreme caution when visiting. Busy and always crowded, the Nairobi CBD’s downtown area is home to most illegal drug dealings, cheap stolen merchandise, prostitution… in fact, anything bad that you may think of, it’s probably being conducted to perfection right now as you read this.

    Nairobi is beautiful but every rose has its thorns, and these just so happen to be some of ours. Stay safe out there people.