January25 , 2023

    Kenyan LGBTQ activism is a grift


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    Kenyan LGBTQ activism is a grift

    In Kenya the LGBTQ activism is nothing but a...


    In Kenya the LGBTQ activism is nothing but a grift. And nothing has made this more abundantly clear than the recent murder of Edwin Chiloba.

    The reason for this assertion is due to the fact that every homosexual in the country was quick to jump to the assumption that his murder, tragic and unfortunate though it was, resulted from homophobia and though this assumption has been dispelled they still continue to cling to it and refuse to walk back the narrative.

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    It has since become clear that he was murdered by his lover due to what was an evident love triangle gone awry. It is claimed that he was cheating on his partner Jackton Odhiambo who in a drunken fit of rage ended up killing him.

    Yet when you look at someone like Makena Njeri’s timeline there is no mention of this fact nor an apology for the rather damaging allegation she had previously bellowed.

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    Kenyan LGBTQ activism clearly doesn’t care for the truth and is merely seeking to funnel foreign aid into the pockets of the loudest homosexuals in the country.

    Makena Njeri Gay Pride

    And it seems to be working really because the American government has offered Kenya aid in investigating the matter even though Kenya is a sovereign nation with very competent detectives who have already obtained a confession from the murder suspect.

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    So why are the Americans and LGBTQ activists still upholding the “homophobic” narrative? Well for the Americans they have been seeking to push the homosexual agenda beyond their borders. For Kenya’s gay rights activists this is a money making fun. Love triangle doesn’t anthem any sympathy in the victim Olympics nor does it earn them coin in their purse.

    It’s all a scam and that is why it is Fort even in disingenuous circumstances. Why bother with the truth when I’ll I can gain you so much more traction?

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