January28 , 2023

    Is being opressed the new cool?


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    Now before you assemble with the #cancelwanji, give me a chance. Everyone seems to be finding new ways to be a minority… Either you’re black, gay or I dare say… Fat.

    We even invented genetic tests that will tell you that you are 13% Latino. 13! We also cannot stop creating genders. I’m sorry for not being politically correct, but seriously….. does anyone actually know the exact number of gender types?

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    This will strike a few nerves but your weight….. Is it healthy? Are YOU healthy? No? But your biggest concern is that someone said ‘fat’….. okay… safe space whatnot.

    Makena Njeri
    Her pronouns are they/ them

    We have found ways to normalize being weak… But it gets worse; we only do it until we can weaponize our power. That stud is a dude until she gets into a fight with a man and loses… Then it’s GBV.

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    The plus-size dude is cool with his weight until someone calls him fat… then it’s body shaming. That gay dude is super feminine until he needs to be white.

    Brian Babu
    Brian Babu is a heavy set guy


    We are so scared to deal with our insecurities that we had rather make them everyone else’s problem. You are powerful; more to yourself than anyone else. We really prefer to try to influence 8 billion people than look within and heal our deep-seated traumas. You can do and be anything. Not by pulling everyone down, but by healing and consistently elevating to the best version of yourself.

    Take it easy, no one gets out of life alive.