January27 , 2023

    Five Enjoyable Yet Most Affordable Activities For Team Building


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    Let’s face it, work can be stressful at times. Being with the same people day to day, doing the same thing over and over again, it gets old really fast. That’s where the team building activities come in.

    This simple outings can release a lot of stress and pressure for the employees and here are some of the best places to go for such activities while still minding the budget.

    Paintball Shooting

    There’s just something irresistible about getting to shoot some of your colleagues. Not the hurting kind, no. Unfortunately you don’t get that lucky, I’m afraid. But you will be able to inflict some minor pain in this fun, outdoor paintball shooting range. The cost is Ksh. 1000 for 100 paintballs if you have your own paintball gun at the Purdy Arms in Karen.

    Shooting real guns

    This by far is my personal favorite (funny, because I’m yet to do it). Just imagine the fun and thrill of getting to lawfully unload a real fire-arm onto a target, with your entire team. This can be done at the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club in Lang’ata. Entry is just Ksh. 1000 and you must have your I.D on you. You will then pay and additional Ksh. 100 for a target with a bull’s eye on it. There is then an additional fee of just Ksh. 40 for for .22 Caliber rounds and Ksh. 70 for 9mm rounds each. A gun is hired at Ksh. 100 for the activity and no, you can’t carry it home with you. I’ve done some extensive research on that. You can’t.


    This right here is a gem. Just get the team on some little amounts of alcohol at a Karaoke bar and boom, you will have a day that shall never be forgotten. You might even discover talented people among you and at the same time, you will wish most of them never attended the thing in the first place. Point is, the tension will surely be released here.


    Well, for this particular activity, I have a feeling most people will be forced to participate but once there, they will be grateful for not having the option of declining because they will definitely have mad fun as a team. I’d personally suggest the Ngong Forest, but there are lots of places to go hiking just here in Nairobi.

    So go out there and release that tension that you have built withing you. Have a blast.