January24 , 2023

    Andrew Kibe is right about Kenyans betraying Catherine Kasavuli


    Andrew Kibe is right about Kenyans betraying Catherine Kasavuli

    Andrew Kibe recently spoke about the demise of one...

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    Andrew Kibe recently spoke about the demise of one of Kenya’s journalism pioneers, Catherine Kasavuli and he was right on the money about how hypocritical Kenyans truly are.

    When she was sick and hospitalized fighting cancer, she needed Kenyans to contribute for her bail. The same fun and influencers who were moaning about her passing were nowhere to be seen when their presence would have been most impactful.

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    By the time of her death, she had still not cleared her hospital bill which Kenyatta National Hospital was still pressing her family to clear. And Andrew Kibe was right in his observation that it took the intervention of the President William Ruto for the bill to be settled.

    So why was everyone shedding crocodile tears after she passed on? Why were your favourite celebrities posting about her and mourning her death? It’s because it was an opportunity for them to grab attention. It is an opportunity for us as Kenyans to pretend to share in her legacy.

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    We are hypocritical people. There are people who like attention and we’ll call it even in the most distasteful of ways such as after the passing of a human being. Andrew Kibe is 100% right and it’s a shame. But at least he has the cojones to call out societies was behaviours.

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