January27 , 2023

    5 Nairobi fast food joints that have the best chips and chicken


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    When you’re in Nairobi’s Central Business District and you’re feeling peckish because it’s about that time when the civilized world recognizes the need to eat lunch then there are some choices to make.

    You might be considering the speed of service because you’re in a rush to grab a quick bite or perhaps you’re considering the price because the month has hit the corner where there seems to be more month than money left.

    Or maybe you want to grab a bite at a place where you will get value for your money because of the portions served. Whatever the case may be, there are some choice restaurants that serve fast food that you should check out. They are:

    #1. Imbiss

    Located along Tom Mboya street on the same block as Odeon, this is one of those places where you go when you need to have a quick bite and head out. The service is brash but you aren’t there for the ambiance anyway.

    #2. Manhattan Chicken

    Located along Moi Avenue, here the seating is a lot more pleasant than most other fast food joints. Chips are 100bob and they also have an option for a quick chicken bit that would set you back a further 150bob.

    #3. Chicken Inn

    This is one of the only places you can go to if you’re in town and have time to kill. The service is by far better than at most other establishments in the CBD but the prices reflect this. You can have a quick meal if your budget allows you to spend 300 Ksh.

    It is also one of the few places in the CBD with in-house toilets.

    #4. Red Robin

    If you want a large serving portion of chips then this is the place for you. Although it is on the further ends of town (on your way to the University of Nairobi) across the road from Jeevanjee Gardens, it is worth the trek if you’re in downtown CBD.

    #5. Altona

    Located at the KTDA Plaza along Tom Mboya road, this is one of those places where you go when you want a quick bite but if you time things just right; when they aren’t experiencing the rush hours, you can get quite the sizeable serving.

    Do you know of any places you would like to add to the list? Hit us up so we can add them. Or mention them in the comment section.