January28 , 2023

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    It’s election season people….. this statement serves the same purpose as a trigger warning. sigh. Professor George Wajackoya has been what would seem the most popular presidential candidate among the youth.

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    Wajackoya has done what seemed like an old people issue about the youth of this country and we were excited about the elections. This was a first. Over the last few elections, the youth have lost faith in the system.

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    That directly affected tour will to vote, but early this year came the professor and his relatable yet controversial manifesto. you know, LEGALIZE! The fact that the professor has numerous degrees also made this conversation much less a taboo.

    You know how our parents get at the sound of the word bhangi.

    Songs have been written about this and it was beautiful to see the youth feel seen and represented. The professor has however recently pulled a fast one on us.

    On his campaign in the western region, Wajackoya said Agwambo has sent me, he has told me where to and where not to go. Raila has allowed me to go ahead until when we get victory. If you don’t vote for me then you would rather vote for him.  A victory for either of us will be a win,” Wajackoyah said in Dholuo dialect.

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    Is anyone else feeling cheated? I do. Anyway, we must have known deep inside. Nothing happens in this country without connections. Now this year suddenly looks like a debut for him so that his face is familiar by the next election.

    So here we are, back to square one. Anyway, vote guys, regardless.

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