January26 , 2023

    The hypocrisy of Anerlisa Muigai: Ben Pol reveals he wasn’t happy in the marriage


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    Anerlisa Muigai has decided to attack Ben Pol because he has revealed he was unhappy in their marriage. The irony of this stinks to high heaven yet she seems incapable of perceiving it.

    This truly does reveal just how solid cystic and entitled she must have been in their marriage. It also goes to show you just how little men’s emotions are valued and just how little men’s opinions of relationships matter.

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    For the longest time after their separation and on into their divorce it was she who constantly kept jibber jabbering on media trying to paint herself as The Saint the perpetual victim. A true show of narcissism in the sense that from her telling she did no wrong. Ben Pol remained silent, mum on the matter refusing to defend himself.

    And when he has finally decided to open up and talk about their marriage as well as the split she’s running up the wall splitting hairs and trying to defend herself. A statement as simple as him saying he did not enjoy the marriage is something that has her up in arms.

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    Ben Pol could do no right while they were married, and it seems now he can do no right post-divorce even as he begins to pick his life up. Makes you wonder what she expected of him, will he simply meant to shut up and keep taking the insults and Punishment? Was he meant to you playing the role of the villain so her solipsistic view of the world wasn’t challenged?


    It also gives you an understanding of just why Anerlisa has been in Multiple relationships that have all failed to work. You cannot have this level of selfishness, and this death of introspection that you believe everything around you is someone else’s fault and expect your relationships to work.

    Ben Pol’s ex-wife I think she’s single because all the men she meets just want to use her but really from her reaction to his understanding of their marriage – something he has every right to have – offend her this much and reveals even more about her as a partner and as a wife.

    You almost at him for being dense enough to think he could make a marriage with her work. You almost pity him for lacking the skills to properly vet her as a potential wife. I say almost because he’s not entirely blameless.

    It also makes sense why she has been plastering her current boyfriend on social media she tries to convince the world, herself but more importantly her ex, Ben Pol that she is doing a-okay.

    Is she the only one who was allowed to speak negatively about her marriage? Is she the only one who was allowed to constantly paint a very vivid picture of her partner’s flaws? Why does the shoe pinch when it’s on the other foot? This hypocrisy is truly jarring.

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