January25 , 2023

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    It would appear Makena Njeri has decided to leave authentically true to herself and who she is it turns out is Chris Muriithi. Believe it or not, this is something rather monumental for the Kenyan entertainment scene as we have not only a lesbian but a woman who has come to live true to her authentic self as a man and she presents as such.

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    There was a time when this would be unheard of undefined there was a time when a woman presenting as a man would be frowned upon. Hell, there was a time when even just being a member of the LGBTQ was damn near a death sentence.

    So to see Makena Njeri, oops sorry, Chris declare that she is who she is and to see it be so well received truly a turning point not only for the Kenyan entertainment industry but Kenya as a whole.

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    It will take some time to get used to calling her Chris rather than Makena Njeri but it’s well worth the effort to be respectful. And going through the comments section of her social media accounts one can see a lot of positivity and light being cursed upon her.

    Makena Njeri
    Her pronouns are they/ them

    The question however still remains as to whether she would elect to undergo gender-affirming surgery. It will also be interesting to see what sort of shift within the entertainment industry this will cause. I for one expect companies such as EABL to open and give her all their support. Companies such as Safaricom too.

    Time will tell.

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