January28 , 2023

    Kenyan celebrities who gave birth in 2022


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    2022 has been a boon for Kenyan entertainment in terms of celebrities not only coupling up but also being blessed with little children. After all what bigger blessing is there then a bounding bouncing bundle of joy?

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    And indeed several celebrity couples were blessed with their very own baby to help complete their family. And some of these newly-minted cell mothers include:

    Grace Ekirapa

    She and her partner Pascal Tokodi were blessed with a healthy daughter. And though they kept information around their daughter private they eventually allowed their fans in on their blessing.

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    Wahu Kagwi

    She and nameless were blessed with their third daughter. Given Wahu’s age, this in itself was quite the feat and we are glad both she and the baby are doing well.

    Georgina Njenga

    This year they gave us a lot of information about their relationships including the fact that they were at one point at throuple. But anyway she and her partner former child actor Baha who Blessed with a bundle of joy.

    Diana Marua

    Diana marua was Blessed with a daughter whom she and Bahati have celebrated since her arrival. They even did that pizza celebrity thing of setting up an Instagram account for an infant.

    Felicity Shiru

    Despite experiencing the highs and lows of love and relationships she and Thee Pluto reconciled and were Blessed with a beautiful daughter. It has been quite a year of blessings for this particular couple as 2022 also saw him graduate with a bachelor degree in economics.

    Ivy Namu

    She end Willis Raburu blessed with your second child and we couldn’t be happier for them.

    Karen Nyamu

    2022 was a bit of a mixed year for her as though she was blessed with a bundle of joy by her on-again-off-again Samidoh, she lost in the general elections only to be nominated for a seat in the August House.

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