January24 , 2023

    Kenyan celebrities who embraced LGBTQ in 2022


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    2022 with a bun as many celebrities who had previously been rumoured to have been members of the lgbtq came out rather decisively to declare themselves as part of the rainbow battalion.

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    This was a huge departure from previous years when most celebrities would seek to dodge and duck questions about their sexuality, preferring either for reporters not to ask them those questions or to give fake answers.

    What made 2022 an even more interesting here is the fact that many more celebrities came out to declare their allegiance to the rainbow flag and those who fly it high why later refuting they are personal membership to the lgbtq.

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    Some of the celebrities who are no longer on the fence and have come out to staunchly declare where they stand include the following:


    It has long been rumoured that Shimano was a member of the lgbtq. However, he would deny the allegations preferring to skirt around them. All that changed in early 2022 as he released a song that boasted same-sex as well as crossdressers and transsexuals. Other members of sauti Sol also came out to vociferously share their support for him.

    Maxwell Mwamburi

    While it was pretty obvious to most that Vera Sidika is best friend was gay, he not only felt the need to declare his membership to the lgbtq but also leave his authentic truth as a woman (transsexual male to female).

    Makena Njeri

    While we’ve always known her to be a lesbian she upped the ante by also taking on a more masculine version of her name Chris Muriithi. This was probably done in a bid to live her authentic truth as a trans man.

    Dennis Karuri 

    The makeup artist enjoys pushing the envelope as he wears makeup that makes him look surprisingly more feminine and one would be forgiven for mistaking him for an attractive young woman in a dark dimly-lit club with strobing lights.

    Noti Flow

    noti flow
    While her ex girlfriend, King Alami, had been living as an out-and-out naughty floor for the long scattered around being bisexual. Weather in 2022 she declared herself family a lesbian. Although there was a point in time during the year when she was on holiday with an elderly mzungu.

    Silas Miami

    Former prominent Media personality Louis Otieno’s son decided to declare his membership to the LGBT. He currently resides in South Africa with his lover and they are very open about not that just their sexuality but everything that comes with the lifestyle.

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