January28 , 2023

    How to deal with an altercation at a Kenyan club


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    Over the past few years, we have woken up to stories of hellish club and bar altercations that ended with the death of some patrons. Infact, in a recent altercation, a police officer was shot in the neck by a reveller at Quiver Lounge who then took off but later presented himself to the police.

    And while these altercations are the exception rather than the norm, we think a refresher course on how to deal with altercations is in order so you can continue partying without things getting ugly.

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    And let’s face it, we all know just how horrible things can get when it comes to partying when it’s just you and your special person. Why? because there are some serious nobheads who will go out of their way to start a fight with you thinking this will impress your beau.

    Add to this the danger Kenyan bouncers exemplify and you realise that you really do need to have your wits about you when youre in a Kenyan club to ensure you do not witness your night go from great and enjoyable to horrible and violent.

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    And the tips below will help you navigate these murky waters:
    #1. Do not get too drunk
    It should go without saying that you’re out to have a good time and that entails being able to remember the night that was.

    #2. When bothered, inform a bouncer
    This one goes without saying. Do not try and flex the fact you’ve been training at Krav Maga for all of three days. Simply inform the bouncer closest to you. This way, you night gets to go on and the offending party is dealt with.

    #3. Walk away when you can
    If the situation you found yourself in can be defused and deescalated, then do so. Say sorry quickly and walk away. For example, if someone steps on your shoes, do not start having a neega moment (shout out Boondocks), instead, just see it for the mistake it is and move on. If they bump your beer and pour it, just take it on the chin and move on. If they break the entire bottle, then simply ask them to replace it. If they refuse, get a bouncer or waiter involved.

    #4. When you exit the club, do not linger about
    One of the worst places to be found at when you go out clubbing is outside the club. Thieves and muggers might be lurking, other irritated drunks might be around or perhaps it is the same people you had ejected from the club when you got the bouncer involved. And to make matters worse, the bouncers won’t get involved if you get involved in an altercation outside the club so do not linger around.

    These rules will doubtless keep you safe whenever you and your party decide to go out clubbing.