January28 , 2023

    Georgina Njenga: Why sending nudes is a bad idea


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    Georgina Njenga: Why sending nudes is a bad idea

    Georgina Njenga recently found herself in the headlines after...

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    Georgina Njenga recently found herself in the headlines after a nude video has was leaked by an alleged former lover. And while the circumstances surrounding the league video are immaterial for a conversation we will be having a look at why it’s a terrible idea to send nudes.

    We live in an age of sexual exploration in sexual liberation. Feminists fought tooth and nail for what amounts to female promiscuity and they sell this to a gullible audience of women and weak men as true freedom.

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    That is why we have up such as OnlyFans and websites such as ChatterBate which have gained popularity and infamy. However, as Georgina Njenga found out, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

    She is an example of the modern Kenyan woman and her relationship too is an example of modern Kenyan relationships which seek to back societal norms. She has what amounts to an open/ polygamous relationship with her man Tyler Mbaya.

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    All that information is simple context. What we are discussing today is an aspect of said sexual liberation. That would be selling or sending nudes which is a terrible idea.

    We could argue about the damage it does to the woman’s mental health and her reputation when she sends such content to a man who decides to leak them but that is merely a consequence of her decision.

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    I prefer to look at the damage it will do to her children when they come of age and are confronted with their mothers racy content. Can you imagine what a child has to endure? Can you imagine what Georgina Njenga’s children will end you’re when their children come of age and their peers bully them about such content?

    Where we really do not have to imagine much because in the west we have already begun to be shown examples of precisely how children handle such matters and news flash, the results are often deleterious.

    We’ve heard of children who choose to be estranged from their parents because their parents were producing adult content. Other children feel overwhelmed by the bullying they have to endure due to their parents’ poor judgement and they end up deleting themselves from existence.

    Sending such content is something one should not do without giving it a lot of thought. Is because a lot of people that you interact with will not be in your life for a long time nor do they have your best intentions at heart.

    Georgina Njenga is finding out whether she was selling the content as rumours have it or whether she sent it to a past lover as she claims, the consequences are the same and they’re equally horrendous on their future children.

    If you choose to send nudes to your partner what you also need to do is get some of theirs. This gives you some level of security in ensuring that they will not leak your nudes because they know you too can exercise the nuclear option.

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