October1 , 2022

    Eric Omondi’s ex allegedly beaten black and blue by her boyfriend.


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    Yet another day we get to use #endGBV.[sigh] If the name is new to you, Eric Omondi is a Kenyan comedian and entertainer. He was in a long-term relationship with Chantal, a beautiful young lady who is a CEO.

    miss Chanty

    After months of being together the two love birds broke up and Miss Chanty went on to date another man. Eric posted a video on his Instagram of Chantal beaten black and blue this morning.


    There were drops of blood on the floor all over the house. Chantal was seen walking on one leg with the other seemingly too painful to use.

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    Eric also wrote a caption saying that men who beat women are cowards and men should only protect their women. The young lady had to be helped down the stairs as she was crying.

    Eric Omondi

    The said boyfriend wrote on his Instagram stories that he is being falsely accused and that he is incapable of physically hurting a woman. He also mentioned that he is a father of two daughters and therefore knows to protect women.

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    Considering the antics that Eric has been pulling over the last few months, it is easy to think that this is one of his clout-chasing skits. However, knowing Chantal, I wouldn’t bet on it.

    We hope that the truth comes to light soon and that justice prevails.

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