January28 , 2023

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    It is election season therefore artists are wearing multiple hats. Jaguar must have made an impression.

    Bahati, like Jaguar, is a Kenyan musician who is now vying for a political seat. This is not a shock since being a Kenyan, the highest paying job is being a politician. Sad, I know. I still pray that we do better.

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    Artists have recently pursued politics openly after gaining popularity. Bahati, to be specific, has always identified with Mathare as his home. Which works in his favor now that he wants to be their Member of Parliament.

    One might wonder, was this always part of his game plan? We probably will never know. What we do know is that inhabitants of the area, young and old identify with his face, from his hits.

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    He has been an inspiration to many young people with a poor background. He has been and continues to prove that regardless of your origin, greatness can come from you.

    Bahati has a very successful music career to which he recently introduced his wife, Diana, as a musician as well. She, Diana, has been entirely supportive of her husband throughout this period and we love to see it!

    Is it fair to wonder if he will be able to handle all of the things on his plate and be able to serve an entire constituency?

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    Bahati’s pursuit to get to the ballot has not been easy. He has had a long back and for with the election bureau, IEBC,  and his party, Jubilee, and most recently he found out that rumors were being spread that he was stepping down.

    He and his team have made it clear that he is still in the race to office in August this year. We wish him all the best in his endeavors and hope that more good than bad come from him if he gets into office.