January28 , 2023

    8 Nastiest Kenyan Celebrity breakups of 2022


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    2022 has been a crazy year in Kenya’s entertainment scene one of the things that have made it an exciting one due to the fact that we have had some relationships coming to a very explosive end.

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    Here at IzHow, we decided to have a look back at the year that was and enumerate the most explosive breakups. So we came up with a list of 8 couples who thought their love with last till the end of time but sadly fate had other plans.
    And these couples are * drum rolls*

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    1. Akothee and Nelly Oaks

    For a while this was the “it” couple around town. There seemed to be a story crafted by the gods. It was even reported that Nelly had had to stand up against his father in defence of his love. Sadly all that was for nought.

    2. Jimal Roho Safi and Amira

    Honestly, this one did not come as a surprise to anyone given just how disrespectful he had been as he carried around his affair with Amber Ray. Also, I don’t think anyone commiserated with his loss as he clearly deserved to lose the woman who had stood beside him while he had nothing.

    3. Hassan Joho and wife

    The once-powerful of Mombasa was granted a divorce from his Italian wife, Madina Giovanni Fazzini, following a hard-fought court battle. This followed a 9-year separation that culminated in him refusing to buy her a house but accepting to support their children.

    4.  Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef

    It had long been rumoured that the Tanzanian crooner and his wife -who happened to be the nice of the former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho- why did for splitsville given just how much turmoil their marriage was in. And so they denied it and clearly attempted to reconcile having separated twice they finally decided to call it quits.

    5. Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie

    Corazon and Frankie’s relationship was announced at a terrible time as he was still going through it with his ex, Maureen Waititu, who was even using their children as a cudgel against him by denying him access to their sons.
    And while many wished to see them succeed in their love this was not to be. The couple was blessed with two children a son and a daughter before calling it quits under dark, heavy clouds of rumoured infidelity on his part.

    6. Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishi
    For a while, this seemed like it would be the “it” couple. Unfortunately, that was not the case as pretty fishy confess to having cheated on her man on numerous occasions as she couldn’t put up with his condition of no premarital sex.

    7. Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie
    This was by far the most ugly breakup we have ever witnessed as it came complete with allegations of abortions, attempted abortions infidelity and physical abuse.
    The couple cut the image of pure bliss or more toxic than any seen before. We are truly relieved that they were able to part ways without anyone suffering too much damage and perhaps they can now focus on raising their daughter together instead of tearing into each other.

    8. Shaq the Youngin and Cindy Kipsang

    His was an unfortunate case as he came out to accuse his best friend Sean Preezy of not only sleeping with Cindy but being the root cause of their breakup before eventually beginning to date her himself. What was worse is the three were coworkers so Shaq had to constantly put up with seeing his ex canoodling with his best friend. And they weren’t shy about expressing their emotions towards each other publicly.

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