January28 , 2023

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    So you finally asked her (or him, because come one, we are in 2022) out and she accepted? That’s awesome but now you have to figure out where you’re taking her out to.

    You see, there are a lot of options but what are the odds she has already been treated to them?

    maybe you’re looking to make an impression and the only way you can do so is by taking her to a memorable place. So you saved up your allowance or perhaps you’re working so that isn’t much of an issue.

    That’s where we come in; to share with you some hidden gems that are bound to have that special person thinking of you in a different light (and we mean that in a good way) so as long as you don’t mess things up, then you should be all clear to take off.

    So which are these places we are waxing lyric about? Glad you asked. Let’s get right to it then!

    #1. Nairobi Planetarium

    Located at 105 Riverside Lane, off Riverside Drive, the fixed bamboo planetarium is in the heart of Nairobi and is a great date idea if she’s either into astrology or the heavens above.
    You can go there for a date on Thursdays and Fridays at 6 pm and Saturdays at 11 am. The shows are Ksh 1,000 per person.

    #2. The Forest

    If you’re into action-filled dates then this is the place for you! The Kereita Forest boasts a variety of events including ziplining (Ksh 2,800 per person), mountain biking (Ksh 1,200 per person for 2 hours), archery (Ksh 1,200 per person), paintballing (Ksh 1,750 per person).

    All I can say is, wear appropriate shoes. Trust me!

    #3. Leleshwa vineyard

    This is the type of date that combines a short road trip and the opportunity to immerse yourself in culture.

    You get to go on a hike and learn about the vineyard as well as the business of the winery. What’s more, you can even get to enjoy a wine tasting class.

    #4. Giraffe Manor

    Ample parking, great views, and the best part is you get to commune directly with nature in the form of the resident giraffes.

    This is a date bound to leave you with great memories and photos for your IG account.

    #5. Ngong Hills

    Not for the faint-hearted. This is going to be by far the most physically taxing date either of you has ever gone on but there is a restaurant within the park and you will get to really know each other.

    Just make sure you dress for the cold weather (it gets chilly regardless of clear skies) and appropriate hiking shoes. Or you could alternatively go biking.

    #6. Oloolua Nature Trail

    Everything you could ever ask of nature you’ll find here. A beautiful nature trail? Check. A waterfall? Check. Bamboo garden? That too! And when you’re all done, you can easily go to the hotel to grab late lunch.