January27 , 2023

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    When it comes to partying, no one in all of East and Central Africa has Kenyans beat. And of all the Kenyan cities and towns, none loves to party harder than Nairobi.

    The best thing about this is the fact that regardless of your age and yes, economic situation, you can always find a joint tailored just for your tastes.

    In fact, Nairobi is the only city bold enough to have clubs openly offer safe havens for members of the LGBTQ+ community and do so proudly. Yes, even in a country as conservative as Kenya, there is a place where they are offered not just sanctuary but full-on entertainment with no judgment or discrimination.

    Some of the best clubs in Nairobi still have issues with parking and other things so we will also be curating a list of things to expect when you go out clubbing but for now, we are going to look at the 5 clubs/ bars that always promise a great time regardless of the weather and time of the month:

    #1. 1824 Whisky Bar

    This place always has a young crowd of fun-loving university students and young professionals. It is for everyone who likes an open-air vibe but still be sheltered if the rains ever descend from the heavens.

    Beers go for 300/- and bottle service starts from 3,000/- Ksh with shisha being an option at 1,500/- Ksh.

    Expect to see young faces and the place does get full due to its popularity.

    The only downside here is the security team. If you can, avoid getting involved with them as they are often keen on getting physical.

    #2. Brew Bistro (Fortis Tower)

    The crowd here is decidedly more economically established and patrons are often a mixture of locals and ex-pats who want to go out and have fun in a safe environment that promises excitement.

    It is a micro-brewery so they sell their own in-house brews including lagers, pilsners and stouts. And because of their often foreign or globally facing clients, they often like to have fun Kenyan takes on foreign holidays such as St Patrick’s Day.

    It also boasts an amazing kitchen staff who cook up some amazing dishes as well as a retractable roof that serves to allow revelers to enjoy the evening sky or allow for cool air to waft in when the club gets stuffy.

    One downside is the presence of scarlet ladies so if you’re ever out trying to pick up a companion from the bar, you have to be careful so you don’t get charged the morning after.

    #3. K1 Klub House

    This club is known by all Nairobians to be a favorite haunt for members of the LGTQ+ community.

    You’ll catch them having fun and unwinding all throughout the weekend but especially on Sunday afternoon.

    The place, however, is a rather pricey one with local brews starting at 375/- but I guess they have found their target audience because their Sunday Fleamarket is always jam-packed.

    #4. Zipang The Irish Pub

    Located along Mombasa Road, this is one of the more popular joints with Kenyans in their early 30s through to their 40s.

    The audience is relaxed as it is a more mature Nairobi crowd and if you want to get to understand the minds of the middle-class Nairobian, this is a great place to start.

    A downside is that unless you live along Mombasa Road, this particular joint is out of the way for most and with the current road construction going on the same road, one has to be careful and wary of Sunday afternoon traffic.

    #5. Loft

    Yet another joint for an older clientele. They were infamous for only offering bottle service but that has since changed after Nairobians complained.

    It is a great place to party if you’re residing along Thika Road and it’s safe and secure with ample parking.

    #6. Bar Next Door

    Yet another open-air type of vibe entertainment spot. Here you can get to watch sports other than those stereotypically played at most Kenyan entertainment joints -football. So if you want to watch an F1 race with a crowd or a rugby match, this is the place for you.

    However, parking is limited and you often have to park on the sidewalks leading to and fro the joint.