January28 , 2023

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    It’s an age-old story. One as old as creation itself: boy meets girl, boy woos girl. Sometimes the baby in the golden carriage comes before the marriage cos let’s face it, these days not too many people are keen on celibacy but hey *shoulder shrug*.

    Unfortunately, not all love stories have beautiful endings. Sometimes, things turn ugly fast -hell, sometimes they start off ugly but we are too hormone riddled to care. It’s the same case with our celebrities.

    Things start off hot and heavy. And usually, their partners are more than eager to bear the burden of the relationship. But as with all things in life, the allure soon runs stale. And when reality sets in, you begin to see your prince charming for the frog he always was. Or perhaps your princess is just an entitled girl? Who knows? But one thing’s for certain, when celebs realise they weren’t a match made in heaven, the insults used above are tame in comparison to what they choose.

    Interestingly, some celebrities have even been divorced or separated from multiple partners yet they still hold their partners responsible for all the issues their marriages and relationships had.

    But since we said we are going to be looking at divorcees, we shall narrow our scope down to celebrities who were actually married and chose to call it quits. They are (no need for the drum rolls):

    #1. Anerlisa Muigai & Ben Pol

    This was a whirlwind romance that captured an entire region’s imagination because it brought two countries together, let alone two families. The Kenyan heiress (to her family’s vast business holdings) and a Tanzanian star.

    Sadly, it was doomed from the start because of the different financial backgrounds but I suspect the fact that Anerlisa Muigai’s family did not really support the union was an even bigger obstacle to surmount.

    Sadly, when they called it quits, Anerlisa ran to the media and socials to tell her side of the story, painting Ben Pol as the party with the shortcomings -lest she be blamed. Ah yes, gotta love a pre-emptive strike.

    #2. Willis Raburu & Marya Prude

    They were a picturesque couple. She was young, cute and sweet and he was her Shrek. Everyone supported their union because it seemed wholesome. They’d met in church, they’d done things the right way and a baby was on the way.

    Sadly, that baby didn’t make it and with it too, the hopes that the couple would endure. Some tragedies are too much to bear and this seemed to be one of them for the couple.

    Raburu has since moved on and is now in another happy relationship (read common-law marriage) with a baby and another on the way with his woman, Ivy Namu. Marya Prude is finding herself as she heals.

    #3. Sharon Mundia & Lonina Leteipan

    Kenya’s Youtube queen shared the journey of her love-life much to the envy of Nairobi women. She “set standards”. Their engagement was a destination engagement -complete with a chopper ride.
    The wedding? A destination wedding. And it cost a pretty penny that Lonina is rumoured to still be paying for to date.

    Make sure to look up: Anerlisa Muigai, her Ben Pol look-alike boo and his hundred thousand Kshs birthday (VIDEO)

    Anyway, si ni life? The marriage didn’t even make it to the first anniversary and it was shrouded in infidelity allegations about the Mrs. Neither party has come out to divulge any details but they co-parent their young daughter.

    #3. Betty Kyalo & Denis Okari.

    Another romance and wedding that captured our hearts. We watched them grow as a couple to the point of a spectacular wedding. Little did we know that behind the scenes things were disastrous.

    Betty Kyallo is rumoured to have left Okari for a rather powerful Mombasa politician known as “Sultan”. And even that relationship didn’t last long. But back to Okari and Betty. The two were blessed with a daughter, Ivanna, whom they are currently co-parenting after he was estranged from her for a while.

    Okari has since remarried and has a child with his wife.

    #4. Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui

    This was a sad one. One day, Daddy Owen was on top of his game. He was the biggest star in gospel and life was good. Industry titans wanted to be associated with him.

    And then he fell off. And the results were calamitous. His wife left him and moved into another man’s house. And this broke him. Even though they are currently going through the motions of divorcing, he has refused to take off his ring.

    #5. Joho and Madina Giovanni Fazzini

    They had been separated for 9 years before they finally called it quits. No harm no foul though.


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