January21 , 2023

    3 Reasons why Chebet Ronoh embodies true body positivity


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    Today we are going to take a look at 3 reasons why Chebet Ronoh and bodies through body positivity. I mean let’s face it, she’s one of the only Kenyan celebrities who has truly undergone a body transformation in such a spectacular way that she deserves to be celebrated if for that achievement alone.

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    We have seen her go from being a depressed, obese lady teetering on the edge of her insanity, and after she put in the work at the gym she’s now a much happier lithe young woman is the very image of health and body positivity.

    She has not bowed down at the altar of the false god that is fat acceptance, preaching its false gospel of beauty at every size and that is because she has chosen to live in the real world where we are shown every day how you look truly does matter.

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    Chebet Ronoh could have very easily become one of the false prophets such as Naomi Ng’ang’a and Kamene Goro who lie to other women and go as far as pretend that they are healthy even though we can see they’re clearly obese. No instead she decided to do the work so she hit the gym and has been working out to achieve her desired body and we are seeing that outcome and their impressive.

    That’s a great segway for us to get into just why it is she embodies true body positivity so let’s take a look at the three reasons below:

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    1. Truly loving yourself involves doing everything you can to make yourself the best version of yourself.
    Chebet Ronoh is clearly a woman who loves herself and understands that the vessel with which she gets to experience life on Earth needs to look and feel its best. So she hit the gym and sweated off all the extra pounds. So she is one of the few Kenyan women who can boast of truly loving themselves because they have done the work to make their bodies operate at its optimum level.

    2. Chebet Ronoh’s taking care of her health
    A huge positive of exercising is that it not only makes you feel good about yourself by your brain pumping end of things into your system after the workout, but it also goes a long way in helping your cardiovascular health as well as your mental health. That is why when one is depressed and natural remedy often prescribed is exercise. It also helps to boost your brain’s cognitive functions.

    3. She’s confident in her body
    By her own admission, for a very long time, Chebet Ronoh was depressed. She didn’t like what she saw staring back at her every time she look in the mirror. However, even just a glance at her social media content one can now see just how confident she is in her amazing new body. She is the face of true confidence; someone who understands the value of the hard work they put in to get a certain result and who now beams with pride at what they have accomplished.

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