March29 , 2023

    The Most Elusive Kenyan Celebrities


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    When one becomes famous, they tend to be very unavailable to the public, and can only be seen in their events. For some, this is not the case. You can easily bump into them at random places. But for some, fans only see them on the television or like I mentioned earlier, in their respective events once in a while.

    So, here is a short list of some of the Kenyan celebrities that make it very difficult to see them.


    This guy is a leopard. Arguably the most elusive of them all. In an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, singer Sanaipei Tande expressed how difficult it was to reach the rapper/singer for a collaboration on their single, Jali, which dropped earlier this year. She states that Nyash doesn’t even carry a phone on him. He doesn’t even have a WhatsApp account. The only possible way to reach him is through his email address, which that too, is restricted to only a selected few. Ever seen Nyashinski anywhere apart from his shows? Yeah! That’s what I thought.

    Khaligraph Jones

    Where does this guy even hang out? No clue. Apparently, he spends most of his time in the studio making the great hits that he so often delivers to us. Seeing this rapper is nothing but pure luck. Even when he drives around in his car, the fully tinted windows are always up top.

    Philip Karanja

    This film Director and C.E.O of Phil-it Productions is another elusive celebrity. You may just be lucky enough to see him shooting one of his creative productions on set, and that’s it. Despite him being one of the most laid back down-to-earth celebrity, it’s pretty hard to lay eyes on him.

    Pascal Tokodi

    Tokodi is one of the most renowned and popular actors in Kenyan history. His fame grew bigger in the popular show, Selina and despite him being in the media industry for longer than most thespians, Pascal Tokodi has managed to maintain a very low profile in the public eye, only making himself “visible” through his social media posts of funny videos and endorsements.