December8 , 2022

    The Five Hottest Clubs In Nairobi 2022


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    We Nairobians are known to be party animals and when it comes to the clubs, most of us tend to be very picky. We’ve seen clubs come and go with a hype never seen before. Some have lived up to the expectations they created in our minds, while some just failed to hit the bar.

    Remember Skyluxx, The Space? Who would have thought they wouldn’t last as those were the hottest places to party at. Well, new ones came up and some old ones still got their mojo on. Let’s now see some of the hottest clubs here in Nairobi so far.

    Blackyz Lounge

    This club has been around for a while now and it has never yet disappointed. Known mostly for its crazy themed parties, Blackyz Lounge has made a name for itself in the Nairobi nightlife and arguably one of the hottest clubs in the city. Blackyz Lounge is located in Hurlinghum near Yaya Center, Kilimani.

    Number 7

    This is by far the most popular club in the CBD right now. Mostly filled with the “cool kids”, Number 7 has brought back the meaning to clubbing in the CBD just as it was back then. It is situat3ed near Koinange Street, for those that love jamming in town.

    1824 Whisky Bar

    Ever since its grand opening till date, The 1824 Whisky Bar has been one of the most popular clubs in the city. Langata has always been known to host some of the best clubs and events, but this club right here just took it to the next level. Mostly known for its wide range of whisky (I mean, mention any whisky you’ve ever heard of, they have it), the 1824 Whisky Bar is home to many revelers and that’s quite convenient because they have the space for it. This is one club you should definitely try with your crew.

    40Forty Lounge

    Let’s just start with the view god dam it! This is a roof-top bar in Westlands, full of all the hype you’ll be looking for and then some. Kinda high-end, but worth every penny and second that you’ll spend here. 40Forty Lounge is a new-comer in the Nairobi nightlife, but has beaten most clubs in the city so far.

    Casa Vera Lounge

    KRG The Don did a great one on this. His hot club, Casa Vera Lounge is the coolest club I’ve ever set foot in. I love the umbrella theme they got going on and the ambience is just out of this world. No words can describe the feeling you get once you step in this club so you just gotta get out there and try it out for yourself.

    If you are a club hopping kinda guy such as myself, you really have to try all these clubs out. I assure you no regrets.