January28 , 2023

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    Sean M Preezy is everything wrong with modern Kenyan men and if this is a sign of what is to come with regards to Kenyan masculinity we are in trouble because for some reason he seems to embody every single aspect that is wrong when it comes to lack of masculine presence.

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    We are of course discussing the fact that he not only is a spineless simp but that he also lacks an understanding of the very masculine concept of loyalty. I saw this when he decided to betray his best friend Shaq that Youngin by dating his immediate ex-girlfriend Cindy. What’s worse is he accepted to allow her to monkey branch from his best friend over to him.

    Keep in mind we have only just introduced the context and already Sean M Preezy has committed to unforgivable sins. But even as the story continues to develop we continued to be treated to the site of the young radio presenter make a routine out of attacking and attempting to humiliate his former best friend.

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    We saw him question Shaq’s value as a man in an attempt to not only elevate his status but also pedestalize Cindy. And now that the relationship has ended we see one of the most disgusting qualities in men who lack masculinity; the type of men who sings songs about toxic masculinity, as he not only fails to take accountability and responsibility for the role he played in destroying that relationship but pompously extends a venomous olive branch to his former best friend.

    Sean M Preezy has displayed envy, disloyalty, backstabbing treachery and cowardice in his behaviour but he’s far from the only young man who embodies these traits. He is an example of what a man grows up to become when he lacks a proper father figure in his life.

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    Because you see, he won the genetic lottery: Tall and handsome. As a result of this he never truly needed to hone his social skills nor learn any game with regards to getting women as he could always fall back on these two qualities as his crutch. Unfortunately, this also meant that he never really learnt how to deal with other men as most would probably make excuses for his bitch tendencies perhaps due to the fact they think him to be a cool guy.

    As a result, we are left with the final product which is a male who is a man only in name. Sean M Preezy never learned how to be a true friend, a man of value who knows how to deal with female attention. That’s the only reason why he found it acceptable to betray his friend in pursuit of Cindy’s supple innards. He didn’t bother to try and look into the future to see what this would portend for him.

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    And if he is an example of what the modern Kenyan man is growing up to be when we are up sewage creek without a paddle. We will have a generation of men who do not espouse a single masculine virtue yet every vice associated with weak men will be embodied in them.

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