March25 , 2023

    Most Marketable jobs in Kenya Right Now


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    With the economic being where it is right now, life is getting harder and harder each day especially for the young people who are still trying to make something of themselves. Still, we keep fighting on strong, struggling to make ends meet.

    It comes to a point where one wishes they would have invested on a certain course as opposed to the one they chose back in school, seeing as only some particular expertise is popular right now in  the country and to some extent, the entire world.

    With that in mind, here are some of the most sought after professions right now, especially here in Kenya.

    Graphic Design

    Almost everything now is digital, so it makes sence that some of the most sought after jobs right now is IT related. One of the most marketable jobs in this field right now is Graphic Design. All sorts of companies from diverse fields are looking for these designers, either for some video production, logo creation, brand making, advertisement, you name it. It gets better for the designer if they have their own equipment, and I’m talking about the entire set, not just a laptop.

    Digital Marketing

    Like I said, everything right now has gone digital and so for every business that wants to get themselves known out there, they definitely need a Digital Marketing  guru.

    The Culinary Arts

    You can never go wrong with the catering business as we all know that food is essential. This therefore creates a never-ending need for labour in the culinary arts, be it in the cooking field, catering, hosting, customer care, you name it, they need it.