October2 , 2022

    Love and business: Harmonize appoints Kajala as his manager


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    Harmonize, has appointed Frida Kajala as his manager. Yup- the lovers are now together in bed and business. It’s an interesting development cos we all know these two haven’t had the easiest of relationships.


    You don’t remember the drama? Well, Kajala, who is an actress, had broken up with Harmonize after he allegedly sent seductive photos to her then 19-year-old daughter.

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    Months later, they are back together. No, no, it wasn’t easy. Kajala must’ve been livid considering how much begging and pleading Harmonize had to do.

    Seriously, your boy was bending over backwards to get back his babe. I, however, get it. if her soul is as fire as her body, I would do the same.

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    Recently, Harmonize took to Instagram to appreciate his girlfriend for believing in him and always having his back. He also claimed to have gotten a tattoo on his right leg saying “sorry”.

    Harmonize is one of the lucky ones for having fumbled the bag and gotten another chance.

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