March25 , 2023

    Kenya’s Most Underrated Rappers


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    Kenya is home to some of the illest hip-hop rappers in Africa. Some, like Khaligraph Jones have managed to surpass the expectations of their fans and have even grown to be internationally recognized as great artists.

    Unfortunately for some, the industry has kept them in the underground scene, leaving their music to be sourced only by their true fans who know their actual worth. These are some of the rappers that I think deserve more credit than they get.

    Kitu Sewer

    He first rose to recognition as one of the first members of the internationally known hip-hop group, Ukoo Flani Mau Mau, Kitu Sewer is a lyrical force to reckon. His lyrical prowess fused with some deep poetry antics has made him a household name among spoken-word artists and fans. His music contains both teachings and flow, and he is in fact one of the best freestylers I have ever heard in the Kenyan Hip-hop industry. It still baffles me that he isn’t one of the biggest stars in Africa by now.

    Johnny Vigeti

    He too came from Ukoo Flani Mau Mau (the Coast version) and came back to the musical scene a few years back with the help of his friend and manager, Ken Ring. Though he battled drug abuse and crime, Johnny Vigeti is still strong in his lyrical delivery and a sweet infectious flow.


    Flamez is part of a hip-hop duo known as Washamba Wenza. I have no clue if the group is still together, but one thing I know for a fact is he is one of the best rappers in Kenya. His talent can be witnessed in all his songs but for me, his track “This is the life”, is one of my favorites.


    Bamboo’s brother and member of the Ukoo Flani group, Kimya, is another rapper that still hasn’t received all the credit he deserves as a rapper. In fact, I even think he is in Khaligraph Jones league, as he delivers his flow in the English language and nails it while at it.


    At least this one got some recognition and was actually once a huge name in the Kenyan music industry. I’m not quite sure what happened that he isn’t a huge name anymore, but he definitely has to get back there.