March29 , 2023

    Kenyan Artists Who Were Once In The Streets


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    Coming up from nothing to becoming one of the most famous names in the country isn’t something easy to achieve, Though most don’t know, some of our beloved artists have actually been through a lot of trying times. Some were even street children and for a while, they managed to keep that to themselves, while some share their stories proudly.

    To see some of these artistes come from nothing to becoming a success, is nothing short of inspiring. So let’s just take a look at some of these artistes right here.

    Kenti of M.O.G

    Kenti was one of the singers in the popular Gospel music group dubbed M.O.G (Men Of God). But way before this, he was nothing close to that title. In various interviews, Kenti has been open about the fact that he wasn’t always a man of God. He was actually a gangster for a long time. All that ended when he was beaten to an inch of his life by mob justice. That is when Kenti decided to turn his life around. Apart from being a musician, Kenti is now a film director at True-D Pictures.


    Gospel artist and beautiful-lady-robber Juliani’s story isn’t that clear as he never goes that deep into it, but one thing we know for sure is that he came from the streets of Dandora while he was still in the popular hiphop group, Ukoo Flani Mau Mau. Juliani is now one of the most successful Kenyan artists.

    Johnny Vigeti

    Hiphop rapper Johnny Vigeti is a true ghetto lyricist who just recently turned his life around with the help of his producer/manager, Ken Ring.

    Vigeti has done it all, from robbery with violence to hard drug addiction. He tells about his shocking past escapades in crime in an interview with Willy M.Tuva, which can be found on YouTube. This guy even has a bullet wound. Talk about the gangster life. Dam!


    Few people know that this Genge musician, of hits like ‘Vunja shingo’ featuring Mejja, was actually a street child once. He was discovered by DJ Stone back in the day and has been dedicated to music ever since.