October1 , 2022

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    Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o is a Kenyan comedian, radio presenter, actor, events MC, and a talk show host.

    Jalas took to social media to warn Kenyans about his two employees, Eli and Litieman, who allegedly stole money from his car. The two were washing the car at  Jalango’s home when they found 2 million cash.

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    The two employees are allegedly currently on the run together with their families. Jalas is offering 100k as a token for anyone that has information that would lead to their arrest.


    Now, I’m personally not mad at these guys, especially for bringing their families with them, I think they are good men that can be trusted. most of us would do the same.

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    Also, let us not act like walking around with that kind of money in cash isn’t strange.

    I am rooting for those guys to be honest. They are probably the first beneficiaries of the “bottom-up” initiative….. Well unless they get caught.

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