January27 , 2023

    Huddah the modern woman vs Murugi a feminine woman.


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    That was quite the weekend, huh? Some people ran out of protection, while others refused it all together and chose violence. Welcome to the new week friends.

    Huddah is a beautiful, successful entrepreneur. She has made a success of herself from her makeup brand that has recently expanded to skincare and other products.


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    Before she started these businesses, Huddah was a socialite. Her popularity had a lot to do with the success of her makeup line. You know, we think that a shade of lipstick will make us look exactly like someone.


    With her expansion came the need to use influencers to push her products. One of the influencers happened to be Murugi Munyi, previously known as yummy mummy. Murugi is one half of a popular podcast dubbed TMI. Murugi is known for her brutal honesty. This trait makes her easy to like and/or not.


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    Murugi gave an honest review of Huddah’s new products. The products in question were sent to her to review and being the person that she is, she felt that her audience deserved the truth.

    She said ” … one thing that I think is a red flag, I don’t know if its a red flag or it’s just the nature of the manufactury, is that all the products are written the same thing…” which she continues to explain that the list of ingredients should have been written in extensive description.

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    Huddah however, took the whole comment all too personally and went on a rant on Instagram saying she doesn’t need influencers and such. This is the perfect description of the modern woman. Women today REFUSE to take criticism. “We are the prize” right?

    We grew up as daddy’s little princess who is convinced that she’s a queen even if she doesn’t move a finger to add value to herself. We see likes on Instagram and automatically think that we can get away with anything. Murugi ended her video by saying that she would try the products anyway, and later give a review.

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    If most women today were put in Huddah’s shoes, we probably would act the same. We consistently have our defenses up from all the hurt other people have caused us. I must say, I absolutely love how Murugi dealt with the reply; with calmness and love. She admitted to being mad, but she did NOT try to win the battle and yet she ended up winning the war.

    We stop listening immediately after we feel offended. Or worse, we only listen to reply. Therapy is the only answer for some. For the rest of us, we have been hurt before, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is looking to hurt us. HEAL.