January28 , 2023

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    Kenyan celebrities are the masters of character development. They are the type of partners whose sole purpose for being in your life was because God wanted to elevate you to a new level of maturity. After all, every new level in a video game has new devils and bosses so why would life be any different?

    There are some, however, who are more adept at breaking hearts, ruining mascara and developing individuals’ internal strength to the nth degree.

    These are the type of men who if you knew your sister was dating them, would start immediately preparing for the eventual horrendous end of the relationship. The same goes for your brothers. If some of them get their hold on your brother, you start steeling yourself for the eventual fallout.

    And the thing about them is that some are members of the LGBTQ community but all in all, gender is not a determinant in whether or not they will give you character development. What is also given is that the demise of the relationship will be an all-out public affair for all to witness.

    And sometimes, the celebrities’ own fans will warn their beau of what to expect but that is part of their charm -they are the forbidden fruit. Until that is, they develop your character thoroughly.

    And some of the most famous masters of character development are:

    #1. Frankie Just Gym It

    If you’re a lawyer, you should be very wary of this man. He has managed to break down the hearts of two rather beautiful lawyers. With his first partner, Maureen Waititu, the fallout was ugly as she resorted to using the children against him. She claimed he was unfaithful.
    With Corazon Kwamboka, she chose to take the high road but she too claimed infidelity on his part… He is a true Wafula Thundercock.

    #2. Eric Omondi

    The comedian has a taste for beautiful girls but one thing that connects all his flings and relationships is that after Chantelle Grazioli played him for a simp chump, he has left a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Women are always running to social media to cry about the lothario.

    #3. Cindy (Shaq the Youngin)

    She ended a friendship between co-workers and her way of doing it was so bad that the lads involved fought over her and had to be separated from their morning show on NRG. Shaq the Yunging even shared a video of him seeking his mother’s comfort and wisdom.

    #4. Bensoul

    Ha! He has taught his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni that life doesn’t have a script and sometimes, just sometimes, loving someone means accepting they cheated on you and have a child on the way by their groupie. After all, there is a price to pay when you date a celebrity.

    #5. Nicah the Queen

    She made her ex-husband, Dr Ofweneke go out to a function at The Arboretum and indulge in so much daytime drinking he got absolutely smashed. To this day, he refuses to forgive me for covering that debacle.

    #6. Prezzo

    Prezzo is probably the only celebrity who has been mentioned in a court of law for spousal alienation. That is the technical term a cuckold husband takes top court when he finds out you’ve been sleeping with his wife. This happened in Mombasa.
    Besides that, he made Sheila Mwanyigah lose her fiance after she became mesmerised by his TLC and lungula prowess. He literally dickmatized her till she; left her mzungu fiance.

    #7. Amber Ray

    This lady is the very embodiment of a succubus. She completely destroyed Jimal Roho Safi’s marriage and family. Then she left him and had a new man before a fortnight was up.

    #8. Karen Nyamu

    What can be said about Karen Nyamu? She broke her first baby daddy, a DJ Kevin before moving on to chew up and spit out other men including popular Kikuyu Benga artist Samidoh. And she waited until he had nearly ruined his marriage before leaving him with their infant son and then getting pregnant not even 6 months later with someone else’s baby.

    #9. Willy Paul

    This guy will warn you that he is only down for some fun. He doesn’t want anything deeper than carnal activities.

    #10. Makena Njeri

    She is the queen of the queer heartbreaks. Her former lover, Michelle Ntalami was completely broken after they broke up to the point she was always annoyingly whining on social media about having her heartbroken as if she were the first to experience it.

    #11. Jalang’o

    He is said to be a very prolific philanderer. However, he and his wife have since reconciled. That said, there were receipts from a WhatsApp group he is a member of that showed just how many women he has eaten.

    #12. Carol Sonnie

    She broke Mulwamwah. As a result, he has been posting a lot of personal information about their relationship on social media in his attempt to be avenged.

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