October4 , 2022

    Bridget Achieng’ and her ‘big heart’ allegedly sex trafficking


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    Bridget Achieng is not a new name, not when it comes to controversy. More so if it is sex-related. Bridget is not known for anything in particular. She is neither an artist nor a businesswoman. She is mainly known for her “big heart” if you catch the drift.

    Bridget Achieng

    She has single-handedly found her way into numerous sex scandals. Since the Nairobi Diaries era, this woman has painted herself as a big-hearted woman who gets betrayed repeatedly.

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    I could be wrong, but a saying goes, once bitten twice shy. Perhaps it wasn’t taught everywhere. Or, has she duped us? Have her fans been led to believe her facade? Some claim to have been fooled into a life of prostitution.

    bridget achieng

    These accusations have been made by Truth and Justice activist, Black Cinderella.

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    The scams that allegedly start as advertisements for jobs in Turkey turn sour upon arrival when they are made to sleep with random men while she collects the money. These women are helpless because they are in a foreign country where she on the other hand resides.

    bridget achieng

    Bridget has in turn posted a video saying that the women in question owe her money and are refusing to pay, taking advantage of her good heart. She also claims that they are trying to ruin her good [hehe] name with these rumours.

    We hope that these women get back home safe and soon and that the truth may come to light.

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