March22 , 2023

    Best Clubs To Watch Football In Nairobi


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    So you are with the boys, impatiently waiting for that much anticipated match to start and are trying hard to figure out where to watch it because you are now probably tired and/or bored with your usual spot. Well, worry no more for

    I have some of the best clubs/sport bars to enjoy the game with your crew.

    Here are just some of the spots I have come to enjoy watching football at.


    This club is still fresh in the “big club names” and has risen in popularity in a very short span of time. Club Clique is a slightly high end club located along Ngong Road just before Adam’s Arcade. Apart from the convenient location for most, it is also popular due to the fact that celebrities like to show face here and honestly, it is just a wonderful place to be with friends and, the perfect place to watch a football match.


    Ya’ll probably already knew about this cool joint, but if you haven’t tried it out for a football match occasion, then you should try it out immediately (on your next favorite match of course). Located along Thika Road, you’re assured to have a blast at the Quiver. Only problem you might face is getting a table. The place can get packed real fast, but it’s definitely worth the hustle.


    This right here is yet another “new kid on the entertainment block”. It hasn’t even clocked in a year yet and it’s already creating a buzz among revelers. Casa Vera will project to the wall all football matches and this is a sight that all football fans will love. It is located along Ngong Road, right opposite Uchumi Ngong Hyper (at least where it used to be).


    This huge club was once a very popular ‘miraa chewing’ spot, but the owner transformed it into a really cool football-watching spot that is loved by many. With huge screens in every corner and a freedom to roam like no other, Blacky’s is the perfect spot for a simple football night out with the boys. Oh, and for the miraa lovers, nothing about freedom to chew has changed.

    Go ahead, try them out. A beer on my bill if you get disappointed.