December8 , 2022

    Areas With The Most Lit Nightlife In Nairobi


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    Some claim Eldoret is the city with the most hyped up nightlife, some say Mombasa is the place to be. I could swear that I’ve also once heard someone claim that Mandera is lit (I have no clue what that’s about), but I know that no city can contest against Nairobi when it comes to the crazies of the nightlife.

    You will most definitely lose it when it comes to picking the place to enjoy your night away in Nairobi as the list of incredible clubs and fun places is endless. Spoiled for choice, you will be.

    There are specific areas however where most of these awesome spots have converged. Somehow, where a hot club is situated, others tend to come up right next to it, bringing revelers close together you can hardly miss someone. Here are some of the most famous areas with the hottest clubs in Nairobi.

    Ngong Road

    I can’t really remember which club brought all the attention to Ngong Road, but I suspect it was the old “Blackout” scenery which used to be the place to be in the weekends. But even after its  closure, Ngong Road has still maintained its popularity among revelers with new clubs and spots coming up every other year with its latest attraction, Casa Vera Lounge. If you haven’t explored this area yet, you are really missing out.

    Lang’ata Road

    This is an old one and has totally refused to become boring. The Lang’ata Road has forever been home to some of the most famous clubs in Kenya, the biggest one being The Carnivore Grounds. The 1824 Whisky Bar is now the most popular among the Lang’ata Road clubs. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

    Kiambu Road

    Now this may just be the epitome of them all. I can’t even start naming the multiple clubs that fill this road full of crazy incidents. Right from the start of the road to Kiambu, you will be left confused as to where to stop.  These clubs are however for a mature revelers and that’s why I love it the most.