January24 , 2023

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    Being a celebrity in Kenya is tough because once you become a has-been, we tend to move on and forget about you. A lot of the celebs who have managed to remain relevant are the ones who constantly find ways to reinvent themselves either by living in the spaces the younger generation migrates to (Nameless and Wahu have done this very well, even setting up their own TikTok accounts) or by simply courting all manner of controversies (the likes of Kamene Goro).

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    Unfortunately for a lot of celebrities, they are worse off than on-trick ponies as they are on-hit wonders. That means you have a lot of celebs whose 15 minutes of fame quickly rns out and they don’t know what to do once their time in the sun is up.

    The female celebrities sometimes end up having to rely on their significant others for providence. But what happens when that man decides not to provide for you anymore?

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    Other times, these young girls are on their come-up and they want to make money by any means necessary. As a result, they end up using the only asset to their names: their bodies.

    In other occasions still, they end up coming up by being outright prostitutes until they have built up enough social capital to become social media stars and celebrities or they happen to get themselves a wealthy man. These three different categories are what we are going to be looking at today.

    And the celebs who have been linked to prostitution in Kenya include:

    #1. Marya

    She was sensationally exposed by Edgar Obare who was given a tip that she worked at a brothel in one of Nairobi’s middle class residential areas. She at first denied the allegations but soon gave an interview in which she admitted as much but wanted Kenyans to understand that her circumstances forced her dor that path.

    #2. Shakilla

    She was very proud to announce that she was sleeping with Kenyan celebrities for a fee. She made the admission while on Xtiandela’s IG live and she went on to name the likes of Khaligraph Jones and Mariga as some of the celebs she has slept with.

    #3. Vera Sidika

    She was accused by her scammer Nigerian “boyfriend” a man by the name Yommy Jones who was living with her in Dubai at the time of having been a prostitute. He alleged that their relationship started with her being paid to go to Dubai and sleep with him. She has always denied the allegations however.

    #4. Amberay

    She was named by Edgar Obare when he mentioned her now deceased best friend who was a well known madam that ran an “upscale brothel”. Accoring to the streets, she got her start as a call girl before landing a wealthy man and then from there she’s been monkey branching from one man to the next.

    Though she denied the allegation, she did admit that she does indeed make money from wealthy men.

    #5. Huddah

    Huddah was accused of being a prostitute for the longest time. She was alleged to have been selling herself in Dubai during the lockdown in 2020. She has admitted that some wealthy Nairobi lawyer paid for her dental work to be done but claims he did so out of the kindness of his heart.

    #6. Phoina

    She was mentioned in an Edgar Obare expose when her and Amber Ray’s friend, a popular upscale Nairobi brothel madam died. She laughed off the allegations though.

    #7. Bridget Achieng

    She was sensationally accused of being a prostitute who plies her trade in Nigeria. One of her fellow call-girls outed her after she allegedly stole from her.

    #8. King Alami

    Noti Flow’s girlfriend was outed as being a high class call girl who would take Johns to her house as her base of operations. She was also prominently featured on a prostitutes website.


    She is a bonus addition to the mix because it isn’t clear whether she actually accepted money for sex. What we do know is that she was sleeping with a wealthy Nairobi bar and restaurant owner who leaked her nudes when she couldnae pay back a loan that she had borrowed from him.

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