January24 , 2023

    7 Kenyan celebs who skin bleached


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    Skin lightening or as it is colloquially known, skin bleaching is something that gets a lot of Kenyans, Africans and black people across the world up in a tizzy.

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    The reason for this as some would have you believe is down to racism, others still will have us blame colourism but it all stems from low self-esteem.

    Whoever you decide to blame for skin bleaching, one thing that will always stand true is the fact that it is something very toxic as the chemicals that lighten one’s skin complexion often do a lot of harm to internal organs.

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    I am referring to the organs that are charged with cleaning the blood and getting rid of toxins such as the kidneys and the liver. For example, consistent use of skin bleaching products over an extended period could make the kidney fail and even result in diabetes.

    In addition to that, they could also cause osteoporosis (loss of bone density), psychiatric issues and systemic hypertension among other ailments. That hasn’t stopped celebrities like Bridget Achieng from selling the poison.

    But who are some of the celebs who have bleached their skin? Let’s take a quick look at the list:

    #1. Noti Flow

    Believe it or not, Florence Kutoto was not always a light skin lady. She used to be a darker complexion until she decided to bleach her skin.

    #2. Vera Sidika

    She is the most commonly touted celebrity who lightened her complexion using mercury-based chemicals.

    #3. Bridget Achieng

    She even sells the poison. And she has been in Turkey for so long yet she has an infant son but that is a story for another day.

    #4. Nyasuguta

    She was very open about the side effects she suffered from undergoing the skin bleaching phenomenon. She also admitted that after lightening her skin, she felt more beautiful.

    #5. Betty Bayo

    Yup, not even gospel artists are above skin lightening.

    #6. Khaligraph Jones

    Remember how he claimed his lightened complexion was the result of using coco-butter after fans called him out?

    #7. Atomy Sifa

    The Luo benga singer is famous for having lightened his skin to the point he lives like a vampire; constantly scared of sunlight.

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