January26 , 2023

    6 Kenyans celebs who are simps


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    For a man, there is nothing worse than being a simp. And yet, Kenyan celebrities are more than happy to subject themselves to simpdom in order to get and keep women. Ah yes, Kenyan celebrities are the type to give you the “happy wife, happy life” advice.

    And that is why most of them have terrible marriages: they hide and supplicate who they are and their wants and desires hoping that this will keep their lady love but all it does is make them entitled and doesn’t allow their partners to learn to deal with the real them rather than an idea of who they are.

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    We have seen so many of Kenya’s top tier celebs, the A-listers, the creme of the crop fall on their sword in order to appease m’lady only for those same ladies to either do them dirty or for their own masks to slip off and they don’t know how to handle the relationship from there on out.

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    Let us look at some of the more egregious female celebrities who are complete simp clowns and as a result, have not only lost our respect but that of their partners and in a lot of instances, even the partners themselves:

    #1. Mulamwah

    He used to simp hard for his lady love, Carol Sonnie. All the while, she was sleeping with another man (by his own admission. Remember him gifting her 100K as a “push-gift”? For those of you wondering what that is, a push-gift is supposedly a gift you give your partner after she has successfully given birth to your offspring (as if she’d have eaten the child if you hadn’t sufficiently placated her with a gift)? Mulamwah gave Carol Sonnie 100K only for him to find out the child, Keliah, isn’t his.

    #2. Daddy Owen

    He found out that his wife was cheating and rather than end things, he started begging her to come back. This was after she had left his household with their children in tow and moved on to living in another man’s home and driving another man’s car.

    #3. Nick Ndeda

    When you think of this particular simp, you must always remember his vasectomy. he got a vasectomy done to appease his wife who left him anyway. Then they gave the most awkward breakup speech that featured him leaning into her like he was pining for her love and support.

    #4. Shaq the Yungin

    He would always show off his girlfriend only for her to get tired of him and his simping and cheated on him with his friend.

    To make matters worse, he also used to simp for his bestie, Tanasha Donna even when it was apparent the friendship became one-sided after she started hooking up with Diamond Platnumz.

    #5. KRG da Don

    This was one of the biggest simps in Kenya as he would routinely shower his wife with gifts. The problem here, however, isn’t in the gift-giving but rather that it was unrequited as she was out galavanting with other artists.

    So now a broken KRG is left pounding the sand, insulting Linah while he cries for what once was.

    #6. Weezdom

    This man simps for his girlfriend, then his rebound and later begs his ex to take him back. He is a weak 30-year-old man who acts like a love-struck 22-year-old. Absolutely no decorum.

    He swings from insulting his ex and leaking her nudes to begging her to take him back. What an absolute chump. And now that they seem to be back together, he is back to trying to get the rest of us to worship at her feet. Hard pass!

    #7. Bahati

    Talk about saving a heaux. His wife, Diana Marua had seriously been run through by the time they met and decided to become a couple. Her list of former lovers includes a footballer who used to ply his trade in England, the CEO of an ad company, a popular nightclub owner among others. One thing we must all appreciate however is that she lucked up.

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