January28 , 2023

    5 times when Kenyan celeb clout chasing went wrong


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    Kenyan celebs love to clout chase. for some reason, they think this, and not their talents are what will keep them in the limelight for longer, giving their relevancy some sort of boost. However, this is rarely the case.

    So what they do is either concoct straight up BS publicity stunts or try to lie through their teeth about situations so as to keep their names in all our mouths as we excitedly chatter on about them.

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    Kenyan celebs don’t care who they have to throw under the bus to get a fix of that much-needed fame and so their clout chasing antics can get wild and ludicrous and damage the lives of innocent bystanders.

    As a result, we know several celebs to be worthless in terms of taking them at their word. And when their names are brought up, we instantly wonder what rubbish they have gotten themselves involved in.

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    Some of the most useless clout chasing stunts we have ever seen in Kenya include:

    #1. Diana Marua accusing Willy Paul of assault

    Remember when she explosively accused Willy Paul of raping her? The video of the allegation also featured her fake heaving and crying. And this nearly ruined Willy Paul who isn’t exactly universally loved. The ruse was undone when fellow celebrities claimed they saw them on the days in question and she looked loved up while in his company.

    Imagine the shock that hit many when they realised Diana was using Willy Pozze for clout and didn’t care if it ruined his career.

    #2. Eric Omondi gets called out for being a deadbeat dad by Jackie Maribe

    Eric Omondi gave an interview in which he claimed he was an active father in the life of his and Jackie Maribe’s son. He even called her in an attempt to prove the fact but the former news anchor was having none of it as she told him off live on camera while the interview was still ongoing.

    Never mind the fact that a young boy is involved in the middle of this BS! He genuinely doesn’t care for the boy’s well-being because invited unnecessary scrutiny into his life.

    #3. Ringtone attacked gospel artists and DJ Mo kicked him out

    Ringtone is known for constantly calling out Kenyan gospel artists for not being true to Christ or representing him poorly. He also loves to mock them for being poor and struggling while faking the funk for the audience.

    He once tried his antics at a DJ Mo/ Size 8 event and DJ Mo was having none of it. He manhandled Ringtone as he kicked him out of the venue.

    #4. Shakilla claimed to have prostituted herself to top Kenyan celebs only for them to sue her

    For some unknown reason, Shakilla decided to lie to the world that she had been sleeping with all of Kenya’s top male celebrities and charging them exorbitant fees.

    This backfired because they all took up arms to fight her lies and Mariga even sued her for defamation. No one wanted to be associated with a harlot.

    #5. Kamene Goro revealed she had slept with 27 men

    Why oh why would any woman admit to having a higher body count than her age? At the time of her admission, Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro was still at NRG Radio and was 25 years old.

    Something possessed her and she decided to speak up for sex positivity -in a conservative nation. She was lambasted and these days hates anyone who dares bring up this figure. We, however, can only wonder whether the body count figure has gone up.

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