January28 , 2023

    5 Kenyan celebrities that have been in abusive relationships


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    Once upon a time long ago, physically harming your partner was normal, especially from the man to the woman. However, as time went by, it became clear that it was wrong and unacceptable. one of the upsides of feminism [women being seen as partners in a marriage].

    Sadly, not everyone has held up their end of the bargain and hence some people have ended up in abusive relationships. Celebrities are no exception, I mean, Jonny Deep??? Anyway, some of our very own have been caught in the middle of these unhealthy relationships as well.

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    It is basic knowledge that violence is not the answer, of course, unless its self defence. It is important to note that your gender does not matter when it comes to this. It is not okay to be violent. PERIOD.

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    The following are some Kenyan celebrities that have been in abusive relationships

    #1 Saumu Mbuvi

    Saumu is Governor Mike Sonko’s first-born daughter. She was in a two-year relationship with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip. While in the relationship, especially in the beginning, it seemed like they were in paradise, declaring love on the internet and all. it was only until the end of their relationship when Saumu outed the Senator for beating her. He, in turn, claimed that she had bipolar disorder… I don’t know what that has to do with anything, especially because… you guessed it.

    #2. Aeedah Bambi

    Another one of Senator Anwar’s exes. Aeedah posted quotes warning people about who they choose to settle down with days after she was allegedly beaten up by her then-husband at Bahati’s album launch. so this dude will beat you up even in public… it’s giving small @$#% energy… Sad.

    #3. Ann Kiguta

    For those of you who exclusively get their news from Instagram and memes, Ann Kiguta is a journalist and news anchor. She and her then-boyfriend had a three-year-old child when the relationship turned into a boxing ring. it gets worse. it was the night before her debut on KTN Prime. Jealous much?

    #4. Noti Flow

    noti flow
    The rapper is known more for her drama than her music. It’s always the short ones,; at least that’s what they say. Noti posted photos of herself bruised and scarred, beaten black and blue. She alleged that her ex had come to her house and served her a hot plate of whooping. His reason, she claims, was that he was bitter he had left her. I know my tone has probably thrown you off on this particular case. Why? you might ask. BECAUSE…

    #5. Colonel Mustafa

    Yes, a guy. battered by our #4. According to research, this kind of abuse occurs more than we are ready to acknowledge. a lot of the time because there’s shame on the man’s end, and they are almost more than sure that no one will really be on their side. Just to be clear, if you are a woman, and you hit a man, you are wrong! And in that case, he can defend himself. Mustafa, however, didn’t. A good man that one.

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