January24 , 2023

    5 careers that got huge in 2022 that you can’t explain to your parents


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    2022 saw an explosion in what many would call unorthodox sources of income for many young enterprising Kenyans. This is largely due to the fact that there has been a technological boom worldwide and Social Media apps have been a boon for many young people looking for alternative sources of employment and revenue.

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    Unfortunately, most of these careers aren’t the type you can go home and explain to your mother and expect that she will be bragging about what you do for a living at her next Women’s Guild meeting.


    Some of the careers that we’re talking about include the following:

    1. TiK ToK dancer
    There has been an explosion in the number of people who log on to their social media accounts and either teach people how to dance or dance just to create a vibe. But surely, how do you explain this career path to your father? Whether or not you’re making money hand-over-fist she can’t exactly brother about what his son does while at the pub now can he?

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    2. Influencer/ vlogger

    Can you imagine going to the bank for a loan and when they ask you what sort of business you run or what sort of employment you find yourself in you have to explain to the loans officer that you’re a lifestyle influencer? Seriously what even is that you literally mean that your occupation entails you getting in front of a camera, showing people how you live and posting it on YouTube?

    3. Relationship sanitizer

    You know these guys. They are the ones who walk around asking couples whether they can gain access to their phones are switched their phones in a bid to test the relationship and the loyalty of either of the partners. It makes for very riveting and entertaining content and it pays so well that they often offer their targets 5,000 Kenyan shilling for this. Makes you wonder how much more they are making on the back end. But when you go for your church’s youth meetings how do you explain to your youth pastor that this is your main source of income? Mans will be like “I’m big man Stevo”.

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    4. Podcaster

    Podcasting is what is killing radio as Kenyans are tired of listening to the same old voices we’ve had for over 30 years give the same old tired narratives that young Kenyans cannot relate to. And it’s a serious hustle seeing as house even Spotify has created a fund to help empower and create more and more podcasters. Actually, I think this would be the easiest to explain as all you have to do is tell your parents you’re a radio presenter for the new age and they can relate.

    5. Social media comedian

    How do you think Crazy Kennar explains his career to his parents? Just how did that conversation go? “Dad, mum, I make a handsome amount making people on Instagram and TikTok laugh”. I mean in Kenya we have third-world realities so they’ll be more than happy that you’re making money but that isn’t the sort of thing your mother would lead with when she decides she needs to help you look for a wife.

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