January26 , 2023

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    When is forever too long? For most of Kenya’s top celebrities, that is an issue when you’re in a week-long relationship. But if you think about that question critically, you will begin to realise that monogamy is not the easiest concept to live by.

    Or perhaps you disagree and due to religious reasons, you believe this is actually a brilliant way of handling relationships and marriages. But one thing is certain, most of Kenya’s most illustrious celebrities do not agree with the idea of monogamy and as a result of trying to pigeonhole themselves into that school of thought, they break and end up cheating in the worst way possible.

    And some of the celebrities who have ended up straying from their partners include:

    #1. DJ Mo

    This was one of the most scandalous stories of infidelity as few would have expected this from the gospel couple. DJ Mo, a gospel DJ and media personality was snitched on by his then paramour who wanted the world to not only know that they’d had an affair but also that he had been sending her nude pics and videos of him pleasuring himself. And she leaked them.

    The couple has since reconciled.

    #2. Terence Creative

    This is a rather interesting story as his first fiance, the mother of his older children, claimed he had cheated on her with his current wife, Milly Chebby. Knowing this, it should probably not have come out as too shocking to her when he in turn cheated on her with a university student, Anita Soina who used the scandal to boost her social media following and successfully so.

    #3. Jalang’o


    He was caught out when a “friend” of his who is a member of his “boys club”, a WhatsApp group in which a bunch of men would show off their sexual conquests decided to leak the content of the group.

    He was accused of having slept with a plethora of ladies but his wife has since forgiven him and they seem to be going stronger than ever.

    #4. Alex Mwakideu

    Like his former co-host Jalang’o, his infidelity came to public attention after the people around him decided to expose his rather long-standing relationship with his lover, Irene Barungi. And the relationship seems to have an open secret to his colleagues and others who know him.

    #5. Frasha

    He was accused by an upcoming socialite/ artiste called Phieso of not only beating her and being overprotective but of being her sugar daddy and cheating on his wife with her. She claimed he would get jealous whenever she as much as received a phone call from a man and he would often resort to violence.

    #6. Samidoh

    Karen Nyamu anyone? And how much disrespect did his wife, Edday Nderitu have to put up with from his lover? It was a shameful affair.

    #7. Mr Seed

    He was accused of cheating on his wife and a child resulted from the affair. The lady who is of Cushitic extraction has since tried to get him to submit some DNA for a paternity test and so he can be compelled to not only own up to his love-child but also kick up child support.

    #8. Bensoul

    His affair came as a surprise as many thought his relationship with his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni was fool proof… Problem is, he is the fool who not only cheated but ended up with a love-child from that affair. And his baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba has announced her intention to carry their baby to term.

    #9. King Kaka

    He cheated on Nana Owiti with Sage Chemutai. The two have a daughter together as a result of the illicit love.

    #10 Cindy (Shaq tha Youngin)

    She cheated on NRG presenter, Shaq the Youngin and did so with his own best friend and co-host, Sean M Preezy. As a result, their work relationship has turned toxic with the two former friends trading shots and barbs on social media.

    #11. Frankie Just Gym It

    What can we say about Nairobi’s most prolific Wafula Thundercock? If you’re a voluptuous lawyer like his exes, Maureen Waititu or Corazon Kwamboka, then you’re in danger of being impregnated twice before the relationship comes to an end following infidelity.

    #12. Makena Njeri

    She was accused on multiple occasions of cheating on her lesbian lovers. There was even a video at one point in time of a lover of her’s destroying her car, a sleek Mercedes Benz. However, she is better known for the calamitous manner in which her relationship with Michelle Ntalami who would compose entire sonnets of her betrayal at the hands of Makena.

    #13. Carol Sonnie

    She cheated on Mulamwah (according to him) and boy has their relationship come after scrutiny after he started sharing content about her and the reason for the end of their relationship. He claims she not only cheated but conceived by her lover and tried to pass the baby off as his and he even mentioned the possibility of her contracting an STI.

    #14. DJ Creme

    He cheated on his wife back in the day and he has the ignominious distinction of having one of Kenya’s lamest sextape. That is something he has never been able to live down and though he is still with his woman, their relationship has experienced some very public ups and downs.

    #15. Yvonne Darcq

    She was married to a man with whom she sired children. However, when she met Kristoff, she decided to risk it all. She eventually got kicked out of her home by her husband and the two went on to make some very public appearances together but never confirmed or denied dating rumours.

    #16. Kush Tracey

    She was dating rapper Timmy Tdat and wound up cheating on him when they went out to paint the town red and is rumoured (according to the rapper) to have ended up ditching him to go have some personal time with aspiring politician Zaheer Jhanda who at some point was Amber Ray’s husband.

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