January27 , 2023

    10 Kenyan celebs who are deadbeat dads


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    Even as we start we have to note that some of the celebs who were mentioned have since mended their ways and are now actively involved in their children’s lives.

    But with that out of the way, we can now look at a rather comprehensive list of Kenyan celebs who have been accused of being deadbeat dads and something that is rather unique in it’s strangeness to Kenya is the fact that a lot of them are actually proud of the fact they’re deadbeat dads.

    So while having a baby is something that changes the lives of many a man as they now realize they have to focus on some greater than their own selves: a legacy. Because if the truth is told, to a man, a child is his opportunity to right the wrongs of his past in himself. He can guide that child to greater heights than he himself achieved.

    But not all fathers think along these lines. Perhaps it’s because they feel they were baby trapped. Or perhaps they were already married and were only looking for a good time, not an entire other family. Whatever the case may¬† be, these are some of the more popular and well known dead beat celebrity fathers:

    #1. Prezzo

    He was accused by his first wife and now even by his current beau of being a social media father; he is only down for the photo op moments but outside of that, he doesn’t even support the kids. Dark allegations about a rapper who is one of my favourites.

    #2. Kabi wa Jesus

    He was accused by his cousin… Yup, this entire situation reads like some American south, Alabama-esque fantasy. He has since been embroiled in a rather long winded court case that first saw him deny the child in question and now, he is suing for full custody. Make it make sense.

    #3. Bahati

    His ex-girlfriend, Yvette Obura accused him of being a deadbeat dad who only uses his daughter for social media mileage. The allegations were damning enough for him to start taking care of her if only to salvage his brand.

    #4. Professor Hamo

    He was accused by fellow Churchill Show comedian, Jemutai who claimed they had even lived as man and wife, sired two children, before he walked out on them and back to his first wife. They throuple has since settled their differences and now live as one happy polygamous family.

    #5. Dj Shiti

    He was accused by the mother of his children of not only being abusive but also of having abandoned their child. He has since asked for the baby to be placed under his care.

    #6. Anwar Loitiptip

    The Lamu Senator who is currently married to socialite Aeedah Bambi was previously married to her best friend, Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi. After their split, she came out with receipts claiming he had been physically abusive and he didn’t bother denying the allegations, instead admitting as much and claiming it was his way of restraining a bi-polar Saumu. She has also accused him of abandoning their child.

    #7. Eric Omondi

    He was accused of having sired former media personality, Jacque Maribe’s son and after claiming that he takes care of the boy, she came out and unequivocally stated that the boy was not his, she had infact committed paternity fraud. He went on to explain the men who he believes are the boy’s possible fathers but not him.

    They have since reconciled and he said he was going to step into the father role for the young boy.

    #8. Mr Seed

    He was accused by his affair partner of having sired a child by her. A fact that he denies though he is yet to take her up on her offer to undergo a paternity test.

    #9. Denis Itumbi

    He was accused by his former girlfriend of not only failing in his duties as a father but failing to appear in court for his summoning to address the case.

    #10. Brown Mauzo

    He was accused of walking out on his first family to set another up with Vera Sidika. His baby mama claims he has only ever sent 1,500/- as upkeep to date.

    #11. Khaligraph Jones

    His baby mama, Cashy Karimi, a failed rapper, is always on social media saying that he has refused to step up to the plate even after a paternity test determined he is the father of her son.

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